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Georgia Sky View 2010
"A Stellar Event"

The Flint River Astronomy Club hosted its seventh annual Star Party

on May 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th - 2010

Camp McIntosh - Indian Springs Park
(near Jackson, GA)
(Click here for driving directions)

The Georgia SkyView 2010 was one for the record books. I do believe that
everyone that attended had a good time. I had a lot of people come up and tell
me that they had a good time and no one came and complained. So from that, I
have to conclude that the event went over pretty well. From the view of the
person being responsible for the event, everything went smooth as silk. I could
not have asked for anything better.

The Georgia SkyView of 2010 was truly a "Stellar Event". The event is a star
party but it's also something much more, it's like a large family reunion. We
get to see friends that we haven't seen in a year. Those smiling faces that we
have such fond memories of. We lost one of those this year, Roger Dowait of
Mentone, Alabama passed away recently. Bill Warren dedicated this star party to
his memory. He was sorely missed this year.

The weather was hot as expected in the day time but the nights were comfortable
considering the nighttime humidity. We had all expected that Thursday night
would probably be our best night with thunderstorms and rain for the rest of
event. We were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful skies that we got early
Friday morning and the skies of Friday night / Saturday morning were
outstanding. Saturday night, we even got to see the ISS and Shuttle pass. 
Felix Luciano earned the "Zombie Award" for staying up ALL night long Thursday
night / Friday morning. I can't wait to see some of his photos that he got that

The speakers we had this year were outstanding. Stephen Ramsden set up his
solar scope equipment and gave a wonderful presentation. He sets up five or six
different telescopes to look at one object, the Sun, and the setup is quite
impressive in itself. As always, Phil Sacco put on his fabulous presentations
of astronomical mythology. He did both a daytime presentation and a "Walk N
Talk" presentation on Friday and Saturday nights. Art Zorka's presentation of
what I call "strange stuff" was great. He talked about things like "Stone
Henge" and some other such structures and how they were actually calendars, a
method of telling what time of the year it was. He told of how these structures
helped those that built them determine when certain things were about to happen
and when to plant their crops and such. Tom Crowley's presentation on radio
astronomy was interesting as well. He said that visual astronomers with their
telescopes have had many years to find the stuff in the heavens and only found
about 10% of it. It took radio astronomers to find the rest of the stuff. This
was his friendly jab at telescope astronomers. At that point, he gave a good
lecture on radio astronomy and how it worked. And, last but not least, our own
Dr. Richard Schmude gave a presentation on Jupiter. I asked him about the
disappearance of the southern storm band ring that was reported the other day
and he confirmed that the event is not an "unusual" one in that it happens every
15 to 20 years or so. So, what else can I say about the speakers other than
they were excellent. They were indeed an excellent group.

We had enough door prizes so that everyone in attendance got a prize of some
kind. And, if you didn't get want you wanted, we had Tim Nix of "Camera Bug"
there at the event and he was giving EXCELLENT deals on whatever you might want.
When you find an eyepiece or some other astronomical equipment you want, keep
Tim in mind. I doubt you'll beat his deal anywhere else.

But, with all the interesting and good things going on at this year's event, the
prime attraction was Betty's Breakfast & Lunch Buffet. That's right, we had
breakfast and lunch served onsite this year. This was truly a "man's best
dream", well almost, in the fact that once you got there, you didn't have to
leave to go anywhere else for anything. Breakfast offered eggs, pancakes,
bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits. Lunch was "make your own" Hoagie sandwiches
with chips and a drink. Both meals at a very reasonable price. She even served
sausage and biscuits as a "midnight snack". I think that we may have done more
eating than we did observing. This idea and effort was Betty's and it's what
helped the event to be successful.

Of course, I have to thank all those guys and gals that helped me with the
event. Without them, I couldn't have done it all. I'd like to extend a most
heartfelt "Thank You" to Bill Warren, Larry Higgins, Dwight Harness, Doug
Maxwell, and my wife, Betty. They each shouldered a fair share of the work and
ensured the success of the event.

So, with that, Georgia SkyView 2010 can go in the books as another successful
star party. Time to start planning for next year's party.

Steve Bentley
GSV coordinator



Thursday, May 13, 2010 Opening Day

  • 2 P.M. - Official opening of the Georgia Sky View 2010. 
    Registration at the Dining Hall until dark
  • Lodging in the men's and women's dorms  
    Please respect the privacy of others.
  • Please, no driving onto or off of the observing

field after dark.


New This year: 
Breakfast and Lunch available

            Friday and Saturday

Friday, May 14, 2010

  • Welcome  - 1 to 1:30 PM

Welcome everyone to GSVí10
Introduce volunteers and answer any
questions that anyone may have. 

  • First Speaker - 2 - 3 PM - Stephen Ramsden
  • Break - 30 minutes
  • Second Speaker - 3:30 - 4:30 PM.- Phil Sacco


Saturday, May 15, 2010

  • Door Prize drawing - 1 PM - Have your tickets
    with you as we draw by ticket numbers.
    You donít have to be present to win
    but winners must claim their prize before 6 PM. 
    All unclaimed prizes will be redrawn at 7 PM.


  • First Speaker - 2 - 3 PM - Art Zorka

  • Break - 15 minutes

  • Second Speaker - 3:15 -4:15 PM -) Tom Crowley

  • Break - 15 minutes

  • Third Speaker - 4:30- 5:30 PM - Dr. Schmude

  • Pot Luck Dinner - starts at approx. 6 PM.


  • Phil Sacco's renouned "Walk N Talk", 11 PM., upper field between the dining hall and the exhibit building.

 Sunday, May 16, 2010 

Official close of Georgia Sky View 2010. 
We must vacate the premises by 12 noon
We hope you enjoyed the event and will come back next year. 
Thank You

GSV Coordinator: Steve Bentley
(click here to email)



2010 Speakers were:

Dr. Richard Schmude - Phil Sacco

Stephen Ramsden - Tom Crowley

Art Zorka
(click here to learn more about the speakers)




Breakfast by Betty

Pot Luck Dinner
starts at approx. 6 PM


Sandwiches by Betty

THE FOOD WAS GREAT..... Thank you Betty.  You're the greatest!!


Door Prizes
 (click here to view the Door Prizes)

 "A Stellar Event"


T-shirt Pocket Front        Sizes: Small - 4XL             T-shirt back