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Georgia Sky View 2009
"A Stellar Event"

The party is over until next year!

FRAC thanks everybody that participated!

Hope to see you at
**  Georgia Sky View 2010 **


The Flint River Astronomy Club hosted its sixth annual Star Party

on April 23rd, 24th,25th, and 26th - 2009

Camp McIntosh - Indian Springs Park
(near Jackson, GA)
(Click here for driving directions)

The Speakers were:

Dr. Richard Schmude - Phil Sacco

Brian Combs - Larry Owens - Norm Worsley
(click here to learn more about the speakers)

Door Prizes

(click here to view the Door Prizes)

Saturday evening - Pot Luck Dinner.

Georgia Sky View 2009 Pictures

Hosted by the Flint River Astronomy Club
GSV Coordinator: Steve Bentley
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Georgia Sky View 2009

Here's what Steve Bentley said about the Star Party


Well, it's finally over. The Georgia Sky View of 2009 is now in the history book. Even though the event is over, I, for one, will never forget it. It was my first attempt at organizing an event of this magnitude. Too say the least, I was skeptical of my ability to pull it off.

In my opinion, the event was a great success. But, my opinion doesn't count. The opinion of the people that attended the event is what counts. I'll let them judge the success of the event. After all, that's what it was all about, those that attended the event.

The event lived up to its prime purpose of bringing familiar faces back together for a great weekend of observing, learning, and camaraderie. The fine bunch of people that come to the event each year is what makes the event what it is. The other things like the great speakers and the "pot luck dinner" are the icing on the cake so to speak.

Brian Combs and Norm Worsley were outstanding and gave excellent presentations. Each of them went far beyond what I had expected. Norm actually "saved my bacon" on several occasions with his help with computer problems. Of course, Phil Sacco was in true form. With him giving not one but four presentations was something I could have never expected from anyone. Larry Owens and Dr. Richard Schmude gave outstanding presentations as well. Larry Owens's presentation on astrophotography had information that was valuable to both beginners and experienced astrophotographers alike. Dr. Schmude always puts on a good show. If you've ever experienced one of his presentations, you know that he makes you get involved in the presentation. You're not just someone in the audience, he gets you involved in it. This time, it was in the form of a "pop test" after the presentation. Ironic that's he's a professor at a college, wouldn't you agree.

Although I was listed as the coordinator of the event, the success of the event was due to the many people that helped me pull it all off. First and foremost (for obvious reasons that I think you'll understand) I have to thank my wife, Betty, for her outstanding efforts in the kitchen. Her cooking breakfast and "midnight munchies" were invaluable. I'd also like to extend my thanks to everyone else that helped in making this event successful. Those people include Bill Warren for being the "glue" that held everything together during the planning stage, Felix Luciano & Larry Higgins for their help with the grilling, Tom Moore for managing the outstanding website, Doug Maxwell for his help with the heating and refrigeration problems at the site, Dan Pilatzki for his help with plumbing problems at the site, Dwight Harness for providing the satellite connections, and the host of other people that pitched in to help. People like Alan & Sally Bolton, Jerry and Beverly Williams, the list goes on and on. But mostly, the people that attend the event is what made it what it was. Without them, the event would be just another public gathering. I was especially glad to see several members from the Middle Georgia Astronomical Society (MGAS) at the event. The Georgia Sky View is more like a family reunion rather than a star party and that is what makes it different from other star parties.

So with that I'll send my most heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone that participated in the event at any level. It will be an experience that I will never forget. Now, let me get busy with planning next year's event. Hope to see all of you there again.

Steve Bentley


Here's what GSV'09 attendees are saying about the Star Party

These things don't come together without a LOT of hard work, attention to detail and cooperation - it was obvious that you guys did your homework. Heck, even breakfast was served! You gotta love that!

I have heard some say they will be coming back next year. I learned, met new people and enjoyed being under the stars.

Steve and Betty Bentley put together a great event. Nice star party tee shirts (I like the yellow and black combination) , excellent welcome packages, lots of door prices, great speakers, good snacks, hot breakfast and "midnight munchies", drinks, and a great stargazing weekend with old friends.

The breakfast is a keeper, if we can talk Betty into it again... and I usually don't even eat breakfast.

Extraordinary is what GSV 2009 was all about.

Thank you for organizing such a fun event for all of us!

The food breakfast, dinner was great and some after dinner could not even walk because they were full.

Good Skies, great people and a wonderful breakfast made this a memorable GSV.

Thank you to all the volunteers and attendees.

The speakers were great and of course Phllip Sacco echoed his speech at night around the fire while everyone listened, laughed and wondered as they looked up to the skies.

Having great attendees is one of the key ingredients for a successful and enjoyable star party.

Steve and Betty did a fantastic job along with the others in helping out.

Hope to see all the new folks back and hope they bring a friend.

Way to go!

I can't wait till next year to see the old and new-found friends at GSV2010.

Webster's definition of "extraordinary" = 1. Beyond what is common or usual, 2. Very exceptional: Remarkable, 3. Used for a special service or occasion.

I just wanted to say that this year’s GSV was great and to thank everyone that made it possible.

Steve and Betty, Thank you so much it was the best GSV so far.

I love the family reunion atmosphere GSV has.

I would also like to publicly thank Steve and Betty Bentley who worked themselves above and beyond the call of duty, before, during and after the event.

I'd like to also extend a special kudos to Betty and Steve for all their hard work this weekend.

Steve and Betty, you did an absolutely fantastic job and sixty registered guests benefited greatly from it.

Job WELL done.

Thanks again to everyone - it was a FIRST RATE EVENT. See you next year

Just got back from the GSV 2009 star party and wanted to thank EVERYONE in FRAC who was involved for putting on such a great event.

My opinion in talking to many other participants at the GSV since Thursday was all positive comments and remarks.

Steve~ you are a great example of true leadership by example~ FRAC is fortunate to have you.

New friends and a slew of new Messiers made for a very enjoyable weekend.





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"A Stellar Event"